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Like most people, I really look forward to my vacation time in the summer. Usually that means going to the beach. Now, I’m not especially a “beach person”, but I love the idea of getting away from it all, to relax and do things I normally don’t do. But this year, for several reasons, I decided to stay home, or as the modern phrases go, have a staycation.
For me, sometimes a staycation means redoing floors, catching up on chores and generally working myself into a stupor. But this year, my mom and sister, brother in law came down for a few days and we decided to go thrifting. We went to several thrift stores, both large organization and smaller ones around the area. While we didn’t cover more than ten percent of the thrift stores in the city, we had a good time searching out “treasures”.
I needed some costumes for an upcoming event that I’m going to, my mom wanted to look for vintage furniture and my brother in law for tools and craft items. My sister just enjoyed hunting around in the stores. We all have a tendency to do the “trash for treasure” thing, and I think most of the enjoyment we had was spending some time together, not having to travel to far distant locations or follow a time table. I’m looking forward to more “staycation” fun, like redoing my bedroom and crafting. Did I mention I got some furniture that needs to be refinished?
Do you enjoy staying home or are you someone who has to travel to relax?