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It’s Garden Time!

I love spring planting, don’t you? Only I have a big problem, I plan more than my hands can handle. So, every year, I try to pare down. But not this year, obviously.
I planned a few things that I always plant, tomatoes, green peppers and I also added leaf lettuce. I also planted cucumbers and yellow squash, with hopes that a newfound chipmunk that lives in my back yard doesn’t find them more appetising than the seeds that are around the pasture behind me. Any ideas how to discourage a chipmunk and rabbit (which also visits my back yard) without harming them?

I also have a BIG project planned this year. It’s a keyhole garden. A keyhole garden is a raised bed garden with a compost area in the middle and once it’s finished, is a water saving garden. Sadly, it’s still in the process of being built (moving rocks from one part of my yard to another is tough) but when I’m finished I’ll post a picture. I’m excited by it. It will be a space saver and a conversation piece too.

Finally, and this isn’t gardening, I have the never-ending battle against weeds in my yard to contend with. Again, I try not to use chemicals so I constantly work at the job. Oh, well, it’s Spring and the time for growth, both of vegetables and weeds.

What are you planting this year?