Books are in my blood. I started reading early and when I discovered I could write the stories as well as read them, I was in heaven. Now, writing not only is my avocation, but my passion. I love crafting stories about people with real problems, real emotions and who seek real solutions for their lives. While some of my stories may be serious and very heartfelt, others are riddled with humor and may be a little brash, but that’s how my characters talk to me.

    I was raised in the southern part of the US and love the peace, tenor and speech of the Southern Appalachian mountains.    I started writing when I was around eight years old. Short stories with princesses, dragons, and, of course, mountains. I never showed them to anyone, thank goodness, but hid them in my books. Years later, I found a few, read them then burned them. Some things are better left to the trash bin than to posterity. I even tried my hand in poetry. Some was good, some bad, and in high school, all had a great deal of angst. Thankfully my writing has improved.

When I think of southern fiction, Faulkner, O’Connor, Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee always spring into my mind. I cut my teeth on these and other writers of the south, but also fell in love with other writers, like Jesse Stuart, Janice Holt Giles and Augusta J. Evans, to name a few. As I sometimes breezed through or plowed through these books, I got a picture of the south that was sometimes unlike my own beloved mountains. I also erroneously thought there were no writers of southern appalachian literature out there. Now, I have plenty of authors to read, devour and appreciate.

    When I started writing, I realized my history, my upbringing, my love and sometimes ambivalence about my mountains come through my writing. And as I’ve matured as a writer, I realize I have to accept each of those aspects of who and what I am. I hope you’ll walk with me on my journey. The pages of my website will offer my insight on the southern appalachians, as well as some info on my favorite authors, both present and past. I’ll also be bringing news of my books and other projects, as they are born. So, be patient, be kind, and be curious about the appalachians! They’re a wonder!

Here is a picture of my mountains at dawn, as the sun burns off the fog.

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