Discovering new foods


Each summer, when I go on vacation, I try to have something I haven’t had before. Over the years, I’ve tried various greens (kale, arugula, so on), as well as buffalo burgers, shark and eel, and a soft shell crab sandwich that didn’t go over so well.
This year, I’m having a staycation and so need to try something new here in town. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant with some friends and one of them ordered an appetizer that came with grits.
Now, I know this is the south and grits are a staple here, but I’ve never particularly wanted to eat them, though I liked similar foods (cream of wheat, for instance). But in a fit of needing something to feed my stress, I asked if I could taste my friend’s grits.
She mentioned that she doesn’t like grits so offered them to me. I tasted them and instantly fell in love. Instead of being gritty, like their name, the grits were a combination of textures, smooth with a hint of crunch. They had a buttery flavor and were an immediate solution for my stress. I had another spoonful, then another before the server came and removed the plate. Good thing, I probably would have eaten the whole serving in addition to the salad I’d ordered.
So, today, I went to the grocery and bought grits to add to my shelves. And I’ll have to think of something else to try on my staycation!
What about you?
Do you stick with the same old same old in food or do you try new things occasionally? What has been your favorite new food? What about your misses? Which reminds me, I’ll tell you about my soft shell crab experience another time!


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