When we think back on our childhood, things tend to have a rosey tinge. While I remember times that weren’t so idealic, I also have come to realize I had a great childhood. One of the aspects of it was the influence of the women in my life.

I had a big sister, a mother, a grandmother that lived next door, and a great aunt that was like another grandmother living across the lane. In addition, I had other women in my life, from our church, the neighborhood and other relatives that didn’t live close by, that gave me alot of memories.

When I started writing Granny Gathers, I had one person in mind, my grandmother. Then I realized all the women in my young life influenced me, taught me. And now, as an adult, I remember those women, try to honor those women when I do the things I mention in the book.

I’m giving away a copy of my book this month. Leave a comment to enter to win. What are your memories of the women from your life? Have you carried on those traditions they taught you?

6 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I’m proud to be a descendant of those strong women who survived wars, deprivation and poverty. I look forward to reading GG to my grandson.

  2. I love your website. As to thinking about all my memories of my family, I too would haveto write a book. Keep up the good work.

  3. Like you, I too lived near my grandmother. She was a big influence in my life. I have carried on several “family traditions” from her. Sunday dinners for all my children and their families, being one of my favorites. Cooking, I remember always being in the kitchen with her, now I make alot of her recipes. I hope my only granddaughter learns from me like I learned from my grandmother. I would love an autographed copy of the book for her. Best regards friend.

  4. The greatest influence was my adoptive Mother also my biological Maternal Grandmother. The blessed life I have today is no doubt the results of the Godly wisdom she taught and lived before me. Others that have performed major roles of influence were my biological aunts and uncles (adoptive brothers and sisters) and parents of my closests childhood friends. Even today childhood friends, now adults some without
    and some with children of their own continue to influence my life positively. I feel each day we live these precious positive influences present the opportunity for those people to continue in the present.

  5. Since I already have a copy of Granny Gathers, don’t put my name in the hat for your drawing. Just dropped by to say I love the book and am looking forward to enjoying it with my grandson. Hopefully someday he’ll look back with fond memories of his “Ganny.”

  6. Sharon, this is the first I have read your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I would love to have a copy of your book “Granny Gathers”. Growing up in the South was the best for me…we didn’t have much but we never went hungry or without good clothes, my mother and dad always made sure of that…My mother influenced me as she always cooked every meal and I can still taste those pineapple upside down cakes she made in the old cast iron skillet (Yum Yum) I loved growing up in a coal mining camp as things were more simple back then…Take Care and I will continue to enjoy your blog!!

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