Monthly Archives: February 2012


When we think back on our childhood, things tend to have a rosey tinge. While I remember times that weren’t so idealic, I also have come to realize I had a great childhood. One of the aspects of it was the influence of the women in my life.

I had a big sister, a mother, a grandmother that lived next door, and a great aunt that was like another grandmother living across the lane. In addition, I had other women in my life, from our church, the neighborhood and other relatives that didn’t live close by, that gave me alot of memories.

When I started writing Granny Gathers, I had one person in mind, my grandmother. Then I realized all the women in my young life influenced me, taught me. And now, as an adult, I remember those women, try to honor those women when I do the things I mention in the book.

I’m giving away a copy of my book this month. Leave a comment to enter to win. What are your memories of the women from your life? Have you carried on those traditions they taught you?